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Anti Wrinkle Price Guide * This is a Toxin Wrinkle treatment Guide Price only - you will need a full consultation first for the treatment plan best suited to your needs*

**Please note that depending on various factors and desired outcomes the prices below are a guide only.

Upper face areas covered:  Frown lines, forehead lines, eyes crow’s feet  from £330


Neck bands - additional on same day £100 or as a single treatment £330


Eyebrow lift - £345


Bunny lines (sides of the nose) - £100


Dimpled chin - £150


Smokers lines - £150


Downward turned mouth/sad smile - £120


Gummy smile = £150


Jawline slendering - £350, after 4 weeks if further treatment required - £200

(can also be used to treat teeth clenching issues)


Excessive underarm sweating - £520


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